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Look Up Sheets for Starting Grids
3 to 10 Heats - 2 to 36 Competitors

Single Group Starting Grids

Select the number of Heats and the number of competitors and click 'Show Grids' to see the Starting Grid Order of each Heat.


The Competitor who draws marble 1 or qualifys first, goes into the position in each heat where the number 1 is shown. Likewise the second qualifyer goes into the position where 2 is shown and so on.

Grids have been calculated to give the fairest possible starting positions over the selected number of heats.

The deviation between total competitor position values for any even number of heats, or odd number of heats with an odd number of competitors is always zero. (no differnce/advantage)

An odd number of heats with an even number of competitors will often result with a deviation in total competitor position of one. A deviation of one means that some competitors will have an inside start when they should of had an outside start or an outside start when they should of had an inside. This is still the fairest possible Grid Draw.

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