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Create Official Speedway New Zealand Championship Grid Draws.

Designed to conform to
Speedway New Zealand Regulations G13-7-3 and G13-8-1

Determine starting positions for speedway events according to Speedway New Zealand championship regulations. Produce HTML & printed Grid Draws for race meetings. Save and edit event starting information.

Windows 10 Installation Instructions


Download Championship Grid Draw and save it to a suitable location on your hard drive.

The first screen allows you to enter the Meeting Name and Meeting Date of the current meeting.

Clicking the drop down arrow for the Meeting Name displays a list of previously entered meetings.
A previous meeting can be reloaded by selecting it from the list. The Meeting Date will automatically change to the recorded date of the selected meeting.
Once the name and date of the Meeting has been entered/selected click the Open Meeting Button to continue.

Calculate Dirttrack Grid Draws

The Competitor Entry Screen allows you to enter the details for each racing class.

The Class Name is the name of the class of car racing e.g. Streetstock or Super Saloon. Classes that have already been entered can be revisited by selecting them using the drop down arrow beside the Class Name.

There are 3 types of Grid Draw Format available, Championship, Reverse Grid and Single Race.

Championship: This grid draw format creates SNZ Format grid draws for 3 races according to Regulation G13-7-3 and G13-8-1 of the Speedway New Zealand General Rules and Regulations.

Reverse Grid: Creates 2 races, the second being the exact reverse of the first.
Single Race: places the recorded car numbers in a single race.

Race Numbers indicate where in the event program each race will be. 1 being the first race of the event, 5 being the fifth race ect.

Starting Order

Competitor Car Numbers. These are the race numbers for the cars competing in the selected class.

Car Running Off The Back are placed at the back of any grid in the order that they are listed.

Ticking Randomize Car Numbers Before Creating Grid Draw shuffles the car numbers into random positions before working out the grid draws. Can be used instead of a Marble Draw. 

Once all appropriate fields been entered click the Create Grid Draw Button and the desired grid draws are created. then click Next Class to clear all fields ready to enter another Classes details.

Speedway Grid Draws

Click Preview Grid Draws to view the current Grid Draw List as a webpage.

To Print the Grid Draw List you can either select Print from the File menu or press Ctrl-P.

Install Instructions

The Championship Grid Draw software was disigned for Windows XP. Installing it on a more modern machine like Windows 8 or 10 may result in an error message.
"Component 'mscomct2.ocx' or one of its dependencies not currently registered." 

If you recieve this message you will need to do the following:
- Download the mscomct2.ocx from HERE.
- Copy it to C:\Windows\SysWOW64
- Open the Command Prompt as an Administrator.
- Navagate to C:\Windows\SysWOW64
- type "regsvr32 mscomct2.ocx" and press Enter.
It should say that the registration succeeded.
Now you can run the application.

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