It is the intention of SPEEDWAYLIVE to increase the exposure of New Zealand Speedway world wide.

It allows competitors and fans to keep up with what is happening. Where ever they are, when ever they want.

And helps increase interest in those not yet addicted.



HOME PAGE: The centre of the home page consists of a large custom built video player (SpeedwayLive TV). The player streams a selection New Zealand Speedway videos that have been uploaded to YouTube. The intention of this is to showcase exactly what New Zealand Speedway is to anybody who may stumble across the site. There are over 500 videos, more than 40 hours of speedway action, played in random order so no two visits are the same. If you want to know what New Zealand Speedway is all about, it's right there, in full colour.

The videos can be watched in full screen by either clicking "Full" in the pop-out menu or by clicking the "Speedway Videos" link at the top and bottom of each page.


DRIVER STATISTICS: At the bottom of every page is the "Driver Statistics" box. Entering a car number and clicking "Show Drivers" will open a page that displays all drivers (known to SpeedwayLive) that run that number. Clicking on a drivers name will open a page showing their race history. Clicking on the race description will open the race results for that event. Clicking on the race tracks name will open a list of all recorded races for that meeting.

There is a huge amount of information available showing events, times and placings. Example: 16c K.Glover


EVENT CALENDAR: This is a complete list of all race meetings for every Speedway New Zealand race track. It is a great place to plan a season, or simply see where the racing is next weekend. We make every effort to keep this current and up to date.


LIVE LAPS: The Live Laps page lists all the race tracks that use or have used SpeedwayLive.

If a race track is streaming live results of a speedway event, then a "Live" icon will be shown next to its name. Clicking on the race tracks name will open the Live Results page. This page shows the race timing/results as they happen. With only a 2 second delay from crossing the line to being displayed on the website. The information shown on this page includes the race description, class, driver positions, lap times and points when available. This page also  streams audio from the track announcers. Allowing visitors to both view the live timing results and listen to the commentary as it is happening. Clicking on a drivers name will open a page showing that drivers race history.


Clicking "Results", or clicking on the track name if the race track is not streaming live results, will open the Race History page. This page shows all recorded events from the last race meeting for that track. Clicking a race description opens the recorded results for that race. There is a drop down box that lists the dates of all recorded race meetings for that track. Selecting a date will display all recorded races for that day.


LIVE VIDEO: Clicking the "Live Video" link (if available) on the Live Laps page will open the video results page. This page displays the live timing and live video stream of the current race meeting. Google Chrome users can click "Show the full window display with live results overlay" to open the full window video display that allows each user to select exactly what information is displayed on-screen. This is a unique way to experience a race meeting and possibly a world first in motorsport. Click the blue icon (top left) for instructions on how to interact with the display. For those who don't use Google Chrome, clicking "Full window display with live results (everything else)" will open a full window view of the video stream with live timing along side.

The video stream can also be viewed in full screen without the live timing by clicking the full screen button on the video player. The video may be Pay Per View. If this is the case a message will pop up informing you of the price and allowing you to pay with a credit card.


MOBILE DEVICES: To allow people to view race order and results track side or on the move, we have created the SpeedwayLive Mobile Site and an Android Application that have all the same driver  stats, race results, live timing and audio that is available here, in a convenient phone / tablet sized display. The display is easy to read / navigate and works well over a 3G connection.


COST: The results, driver statistics and audio stream on SpeedwayLive are provided free to all visitors.

Live videos are pay per view if required by the race track streaming that event.



SHARING: SpeedwayLive wants as many people as possible to enjoy the excitement that is Speedway.

Because of this we have created ways to include all of this on other websites. It is our opinion that the more places people can see, hear and experience New Zealand Speedway, the better for the sport it will be.

All audio, video and results can be included in any website, especially each tracks own site and tracks like Ruapuna and Beachlands already include live audio and results on their websites.


SpeedwayLive TV can be added to any website by using the following code:


<iframe name="SpeedwayVideos" src="http://speedwaylive.co.nz/tv/?controls=0" width="800" height="460" scrolling="no" border="0" frameborder="0">


SpeedwayLive Calendar can be added to any website by using the folloing code:


<iframe name="SLC" src="http://speedwaylive.co.nz/events/calendar.htm" height="1100" width="100%" scrolling="no" border="0" frameborder="0">


To obtain the code to add other items to your website (with track approval) just Contact Us.